Spectra is a spectrogram of music depicting volume intensities at various frequencies. Low frequencies are closer to the center and high frequencies are closer to the edge.
You can find out more information at: http://spectra.felixgonda.com


HIP is an interactive visualization of inpatient pricing data provided by CMS. The goal of the software is to provide insights into the pricing structure and coverage of inpatient care for the 100 most common DRGS.
You can find out more information at: http://hip.felixgonda.com


Prism is an interactive visualization of Google Transparency Report of government content removal requests from nations across the world. The software analyzes the data and generates a prism that transforms rays of lights into a spectral colors (colors of the rainbow). The light rays represents the content removal request and the rainbow colors represents the spectrum of Google products.
You can find out more information at: http://prism.felixgonda.com

BMW reveal

BMW reveal is a visual design that embodies the essense of the ultimate driving machine. The design is based on simple visual concepts that expresses the qualities of power, speed, elegance and safety.
You can find out more information at: http://bmw.felixgonda.com


Shell is a 2D game that exercise various collision detection algorithms which includes line-line, circle-line, circle-circle, triangle-circle, and triangle-line intersections. The objective of the game is to protect the core of the shell by avoiding enemies (in red) using the shield and absorbing energy (in blue)
You can find out more information at: http://shell.felixgonda.com

Balance of Power

Balance of Power is an interactive visualization of US presidential and congressional elections. The software determines the composition of power in the US government and the strength of the major parties with the electorate. This is achieved by generating a visual, using area segmentation, that maps the power index of each party to a proportion of the screen area. Power index is computed as a measure of three factors:
- the presidency
- congress
- party identification
You can find out more information at: http://bop.felixgonda.com


This is an interactive art/visualization of modern olympic games that I developed specifically for the games of the XXX olympiad. The central theme of the visualization is to encapulate the spirit of the games by representing all athletes that won atleast one medal in a rotating globe that sits on top of the olympic flame. You can find out more at: http://olympia.felixgonda.com

Hollywood Cinemetrics

HollywoodCinemetrics is a visualization of hollywood films released in the years 2008 - 2011. The software analyzes data set of films statistics and generates an art representing the degree of quality of each film. Each film is encoded in a string that varies from rough to straight line; with a straight line being a film with consistently high marks on each of the six dimensions analyzed. More info can be found at http://www.hollywoodcinemetrics.com


Similarity is an interactive visualization of video game similarities computed from a a recommendation engine based on collaborative filtering. The similarity matrix was generated on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce framework and produced output of about 1.6 GB The visualization is constrain to depict up to 10 similarities. More can be found at: http://www.felixgonda.com/cs109


Synthaesia is a visualization of the most popular music at last.fm. The software analyzes the popularity and recheability of the top artists and generates a connectivity graph based on the degree of similarity between artists. This graph is used to explore and discover music of interest. It is also a synthesizer that provides functionality to preview songs and animate graph and visual elements using the beats and frequencies of the song. More can be found at http://synthaesia.felixgonda.com

Game Visualizer

Game Visualizer is an interactive visualization written in processing language. Its is a visual guide for choosing a video game. More can be found here: http://www.gamevisualizer.com

Rain Simulator

The Rain Simulator is a renderer written in OPENGL to illustrate rain in a night-time environment. The simulation tackles rain drops, rain splashes, lighting, sound effects and surface wetness as a result of rain impacts. The scene consists of an ambient light, three point lights of different color grade, a dynamic light, a set of blocks of different material properties, and a camera placed at a vantage point. Thunder storm and rain ambient sounds plays in the background, and rain drop sounds can also be heard randomly on drops. More can be found here: http://rain.felixgonda.com