The Ultimate Sacrifice
The ultimate sacrifice, is there one? The pursuit of excellence for me is the ultimate sacrifice. I am the stranger, the homeless one, the weary traveler. For he who pursues excellence down the road the sacrifice is gentle. Some friends come along the journey, and parents are never far off. As I hone my skills to become a more productive part of society, my old self dies away. Like a snake I shed my skin. Old friends, some stranger due to the separation, but others reduced to a hello.

I am a PhD student at Harvard University studying computer science and business, a former gameplay programmer at EA Sports, and a graphics programmer by hobby. Aesthetics is a fundamental part of me, from the programs I develop to the way I live my life. My interest is the intersection of computer vision, computer graphics, and machine learning.

Update: currently interning at Disney Research in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Master Thesis - Harvard 2016

An Interactive Toolkit for Automatic Segmentation of Neural Structures Using Deep Neural Networks


List of video games I developed at EA Sports, EA Los Angeles, and Disney Interactive. List of consumer products I developed at Intel and Microsoft

Publications (Research)

  • SPARTA: Fast Distributed Robot Trajectory Planning. NIPS 2015 Conference. Mathy, C., Gonda, F., Schmidt, D., Derbinsky, N., Alemi, A., Bento, J., Maria Delle Fave, F., Yedidia, J. (2015). poster